The Finnish School in Tokyo is a non-profit language school for children aged 3 to 18. We are part of the global network of part-time Finnish Schools. Our aim is to teach Finnish language and culture to children with Finnish backgrounds, or children who wish to maintain and improve their previously acquired Finnish language skills. For more information in English, please use the contact form


Tokyo International School

Parking your car at the Tokyo International School premises is forbidden, and you may not drop off your children at the school gate either. You also may not park your car on the nearby streets surrounding the school - these regulations are in place so that we cause the least amount of disturbance to the neighborhood during school days. We kindly request parents to park on the nearby coin parking lots or to use public transportation. Thank you for your understanding! 


Suomi-koulu does not have the right to use the Tokyo International School outdoor playgrounds. We therefore kindly ask parents and students to refrain from using the playgrounds. Thank you! 


The school operates a small cafe for parents to socialize, read Finnish magazines, or for example knit during the school hours. Parents take turns in preparing coffee and cakes; please volunteer by signing up on the list on the coffee counter. Finnish magazines and books are welcome.